High quality teaching, activities and resources to develop essential coding skills using Minecraft.

Children love playing Minecraft! Learning to code is an essential life skill. So what happens when we combine the two together?

We are delighted to be offering a number of LIVE one hour coding online workshops to teach vital coding skills through Minecraft.

Here’s what your child can access…

Learn to code using blocks to develop different Minecraft worlds.

Outstanding lessons by highly experienced master teachers.

Small class sizes with no more than 10 children to 1 adult.

Exciting & engaging activities and resources.

Primary school computing curriculum coding objectives covered.

Easy to follow ‘step by step’ sessions

Access all of the online resources we use for FREE! 

All you need is a modern internet browser on a computer or tablet to do the activities and a good internet connection.

Book a place

To register for our one hour live Minecraft Coding workshops, fill in the form below. Once you submit the form you will be taken to a payment page to complete the booking.

The price for a one hour live session is just £19.99.

Book 3 sessions over 3 weeks for only £45 (SAVE 25%!)

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    PLEASE NOTE: The children will have some opportunities to play the games they create but the emphasis is on learning to code rather than just simply playing Minecraft.

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