Digital Wizards has vast experience teaching & leading computing, providing support for schools to help them deliver outstanding learning outcomes for their pupils.

How can we help schools?

Digital Wizards was founded by Paul Strickland, an experienced primary school teacher and computing subject leader, based in the North West of England. Paul has a degree in Computer Science/ IT and became a Computing at School (CAS) Master Teacher with the Department for Education in 2014. He has vast experience teaching and leading computing and providing advice, support and CPD to primary schools all over the North West. We offer specific IT training that is not always present in many primary schools, providing pupils with an early experience of current and future technologies.

Why is it important?

Digital Wizards encourages digital literacy in children in an age when computing/ IT skills are as vital as reading, writing and arithmetic and we don’t stop there! It’s the future – putting the building blocks and foundations in place at an early stage of their education.

How do we support schools?

We’ve worked with hundreds of schools and senior leaders, supporting them in developing their computing curriculum, with the central aim to deliver outstanding learning outcomes for their pupils.

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